C114 house

The C114 house is a semi-detached house located in the south-eastern suburban area of Pristina, the capital of Kosovo. It is a private house in a neighborhood in a suburban residential area of the city.

The house is composed of different levels and includes: a basement, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The main entrance is on the ground floor and is linked with the kitchen, the main hall, while it is wide open and also linked with the basement, which is converted partly into a wine cellar and part of it serves as a utility area. The wine cellar is conceived in a modern way, and its volumetric composition is simple and shaped with local wood; the floor is made of marble ceramics and walls have a brick covering. The wine cellar provides space for storing 750 bottles of wine in a constant temperature.

The powerful presence of the white color in the kitchen and the walls is predominant in the entire interior of the house, where the white color dominates the walls and most of the furniture that is used in the interior, while contrasting with the nuance of the natural color of the oak wood.

From kitchen you may enter into the living room which is a half level up, and is the most special area of the interior, where all the wishes of the client are carefully incorporated, in order to create an area that is not overloaded and there is an easy access to the green yard and to all the three bedrooms, which are in the upper level of the house.

Stairs are located in the central part of the house, and while going up or down one may still have a view to the living and the dining room, which altogether makes a huge and beautiful open space. The handrails are made of glass as a transparent element that enables side views.
The main bedroom has a beautiful view to the green backyard, and it contains the utility corner (wardrobe) and a separate bathroom with shower. The walls are white, whereas 1/3 is covered with wood panels that create a more intimate and warmer atmosphere.

Location: Prishtina, Kosovo
Project date: 2010
Completion date: 2010
Area: 250 sqm
Type: residential
Client: private
Photographs: Atdhe Mulla
Project team: Postarch – Fatlum Haliti, Maja Barlović, Menor Pajaziti